We have an illuminating idea
to save your business money.

It starts with a rebate program offered by KCP&L designed for business like yours.
As an authorized KCP&L Trade Ally, Lamp & Light Electric is uniquely qualified to help you take advantage of this program and save money and energy costs.

A Wide Range of Rebates

With over 40 different fixtures to choose from, Lamp & Light technicians can develop a retrofit plan customized to your business that will take full advantage of the program.


Incredible ROI

The KCP&L Small Business Lighting program helps small businesses make turnkey energy efficient lighting improvements with rebates
that cover as much as 70% of a project’s cost. That’s a huge impact offering more than just a rebate up front. You will also see real savings each day your business operates with more energy-efficient lighting.  Combined, these features translate into a tangible, continuing return on your initial investment.

As an authorized KCP&L Trade Ally, Lamp & Light offers you the opportunity to take advantage of incredible savings on a range of lighting products.

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